Our Services

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”
― Mason Cooley


We offer paper products, insights, seminars
and so much more.

In addition to supplying the broadest range of paper to the book publishing community, Lindenmeyr also offers special services to our clients, and actively share our knowledge about the printing, paper and distribution industries.

Mill tours, education seminars and regular market updates enhance customer efforts to keep pace in continually evolving markets. We also recommend creative and cost-saving alternatives for our many and diverse publishing projects.

Lindenmeyr also offers educational opportunities, including on-site seminars that cover everything from paper basics to papermaking, and we distribute quarterly market updates with observations, insights and outlooks for the publishing industry.

We also offer purchasing, stocking and inventory control programs, on-demand deliveries and information about manufacturing and pricing developments, as well as extensive sample matching services, consignment support and private label brands.