The only paper supplier in North America
focused exclusively on the book publishing market.

Lindenmeyr Book Publishing Papers

We have the right paper for you.

Lindenmeyr Book Publishing Papers has the industry insights and established relationships to guide and inform our clients, helping to move their book projects seamlessly from concept to print.

“A great book should leave
you with many experiences,
and slightly exhausted at the end.
You live several lives while reading.”
― William Styron

Lindenmeyr is dedicated to helping its clients find the right paper for any book publishing project, be it a technical manual, a New York Times best seller or an educational, professional or medical text.


“So many books,
so little time.”
— Frank Zappa

At Lindenmeyr, we love books. Not only the stories they tell, but we love the look, feel and smell of a book, from the moment we open it until we reach the last page.


“Be awesome!
Be a book nut!”
― Dr. Seuss

Lindenmeyr Book works with mill suppliers who appreciate the delicate balance of creating the range of special papers required for book applications, including coated and uncoated freesheets and groundwood products.


“There is no friend
as loyal as a book.”
― Ernest Hemingway

We offer a broad range of services to our publishing clients, and actively share our knowledge about the printing, paper and distribution industries to help our customers keep pace in an evolving market.